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"Our players are our priority. Everything we do has to live up to the highest standards so it will benefit our players.” – Team Casinoportalen

What is Casinoportalen and what can we do for you?

What is Casinoportalen and what can we do for you?

Our most important assignment is that you feel safe when you are playing online casino games.


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Casinoportalen has been around as a registered business for nearly a decade and a half and it has been smooth sailing since day one. We enjoy what we do, while maintaining awareness of acting in accordance to the core values of the company, both internally and externally.

We have to live up to our own demands and to our core values, to ourselves, each other and especially towards the responsibility that lies upon our shoulders. When we tell our players that they can 'Play Safe' through us - those words have to deliver what we promise. Everything we offer our players has to be 100% correct. We must be upfront and honest, if not, we would not be worth of your trust. So...

Demand high quality from us; 'Cause we're game! 


The story of how the Wild West was tamed.

The story behind Casinoportalen dates back to the fall of the year 2000, where two students from the Aarhus Business School started playing online casino.
Back then, playing online was a bit similar to the Wild West. The player was never certain of whether or not they would actually get the promised bonus and even more so can be said of receiving any winnings. At the same time, the adolescent Internet was filled up with various offers of massive bonuses from shady casinos and other bandits that were hard to turn down...usually to the downfall of the customer.

So the students, Jan and Søren, decided to create a website to their friends's benefit, so that they could find online gaming sites that paid out winnings and delivered on bonuses. In other words, the safe places to play online casino games.


Casinoportalen continued to grow as more and more people became aware of Casinoportalen's constant updates in regards to the latest bonuses and information about the various gaming sites.

Today, Casinoportalen is available in several languages around Europe, however our main focus is Scandinavia. We, the team behind Casinoportalen are dedicated and very thorough in our work and you can be certain the the gaming sites we link to are 100% serious and secure. Casinoportalen has reviewed hundreds of gaming sites through the years and you can find the best of these on the Casinoportalen casino list.


We are eCogra approved as we are a trustworthy portal. This recognition is only granted after a long list of criteria have been met. Criteria like several of the largest gaming sites also have to live up to.

By using Casinoportalen's services you gain part in our almost fifteen years of experience of online casino gaming, ensuring that you will not get into trouble when you are playing online.


The team behind Casinoportalen consists of: Mikkel, Casper, Emil and Karina. You can find us in Ry, Denmark and if you ever have any questions then feel free to send us an e-mail.

Good luck out there - if you get that big win, we would love to hear from you.



Kind regards

Team Casinoportalen


The Mission and purpose of Casinoportalen



Casinoportalen has to be the leading casino guide in Scandinavia.




The purpose of Casinoportalen is to be a site that you can always turn to whether you are completely green or a hardcore online gambler. Here you will be able to find information, advice and guides for the casino games that have caught your interest. You can find the reviews of all the casinos that we have given our stamp of approval, as well as reading updated news about various campaigns, welcome bonuses and progressive jackpots. 


At Casinoportalen it is our users (yes, we mean you) that are our highest priority and we need things to remain interesting for you to come back to us again and again. We have onsite competitions, open questions, our forum as well as user-generated content such as personal reviews.

We want to entertain and guide you to the best of our abilities. Are you ready?



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