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Cookies on Casinoportalen

Casinoportalen uses cookies to make the site more user-friendly for you!

Unfortunately, not the chocolate chip kind... or any other edible kind for that matter...

Unfortunately, not the chocolate chip kind... or any other edible kind for that matter...

So what are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved locally onto your computer, so that our website can recognise some of the actions it has made in the past.


Are cookies dangerous?

Cookies cannot be used to damage your computer, but they can be used to store your personal data. For example, we can save the IP-address of your computer or your location to analyse our target group.
Cookies are NOT dangerous!


How do I avoid cookies?

In case you do not want your data stored, it is possible to deactivate cookies in most browsers.
You can find the explanation of how to deactivate cookies for the following browsers in the links below.

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Please note, if you deactivate cookies, you also deny yourself some of the functions and features on Casinoportalen, amongst these are the sorting tools.


What does Casinoportalen use cookies for?

Have you seen our cookies before?

If you entered this page about cookies, you have most likely seen our pop-up warning regarding the use of cookies on the website.
Actually, we use a cookie just to check if you have received this warning at an earlier stage, if you have, there is no reason to show it to you again.

Analysis of our visitors

We also use cookies to analyse all visitors of our website. This way, we can optimise the content of the site to our target group and make sure that only the most important content is displayed to our users.

We store the following personal data: IP-address, location, time spent on site and what pages you have visited on Casinoportalen.

Sorting tools

Every time you use one of our sorting tools, we store a cookie so whatever you sorted is still in effect when you return to the same page. 


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