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Play Safe

Play Safe / Responsible gambling

How to play it safe in the world of online gambling

Online gambling can be a treacherous path – filled with temptation, misleading rules and at times intelligible bonus criteria.


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Online gambling can be a treacherous path – filled with temptation, misleading rules and at times intelligible bonus criteria. We are aware of that at Casinoportalen and we would like to pass that knowledge on to you. We also know that if everything is in order and if you, as an online gambler think things through before you start playing, you will have hours of great entertainment, excitement, that small adrenaline rush... and maybe that big win we are all hoping for. Who knows?

Therefore, we at Casinoportalen, present: The Right Path! If you want to be on the safe side and avoid getting lost in the digital labyrinth of game providers and flim-flam bonus offers then follow our guidelines to Play Safe. Enjoy! We are rooting for you!


Know the rules

If you have any hopes of winning money whilst playing online, we recommend that you fully understand and know the rules for every game that you play. You can read the rules for the most popular casino games on Casinoportalen, or you can watch some of our videos where you will be shown both rules and strategies for various games, for example blackjack, roulette or the more advanced Sic Bo. In other words, no matter whether or not you are new to the world of online gambling, a novice, or an expert have a look around – you just might learn something.  

Read the rules for the most popular casino games her

Try our FREE roulette videoguide here

Are you an experienced online casino gambler, then you might be able to improve your game by reading about various strategies here

If it’s the first time you are playing online, then you can practice by playing some of the more popular casino games for fun! Try for example Roulette or Blackjack for FREE!  


How to avoid turning into an “outlaw”

You have to make sure, that you follow the legislation when you play online for real money. You do not want to end up as an outlaw “on the run” just because you didn’t prepare and made sure that things were in order from your end. There are several things that you need to remember when playing online: First of all, you have to be at least 18 years old in order to legally play for money. Apart from that, you have to inform the IRS as the winnings you withdraw from your gaming account counts as taxable income. You can read more about tax rules at the Casinoportalen FAQ here.

Be aware that the information here on Casinoportalen is indicative. You should always check whether or not the mentioned offers or bonuses are still active before you start playing online. Normally, you will find that information of the casino in question in the ”Terms and Conditions” section.

Casinoportalen is not responsible for any losses. That is only a matter between you and the relevant casino. That being said, we are more than happy to assist as best we can in case you have ended up in a stalemate with one of the cooperating casinos of Casinoportalen.


5 tips to Play Safe online

  • Play Safe and check whether or not the casino has an active license for your country

  • Play Safe and check terms and conditions for bonuses before you start playing

  • Play Safe by reading up on the rules of the games you wish to play

  • Play Safe and do not gamble for more than you can afford!

  • Play Safe at the casinos that Casinoportalen recommends

We have more advice here on the site. Read about tax, software, legislation and much more.  

We have the answer for the most generic questions here on our FAQ

Are you still in doubt, or are you in need of advice, then you can always contact our staff at Casinoportalen.


Gambling addiction is no joke

It’s supposed to be fun to play online casino games and for most of the time it is, but please do not forget or dismiss the other side of the coin, something that some people are confronted with; gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is a disease and even though that it is being researched and studied across the world it has still not been determined what actually causes gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction – What is it?

Gambling addiction – Get help

Gambling addiction in the North

If you wish to know more about gambling addiction, then we have both articles and an FAQ about the topic.

FAQ on gambling addiction






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