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Ouch! Phil Ivey loses 12.2 million dollar court case

According to the London, Phil Ivey has been found guilty of cheating.

The professional American poker player, Phil Ivey, has according to the London court been found guilty of cheating at the Crockfords Casino, which means that they had every right to hold back his winnings from 2012.


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12,200,000. dollars, that's the amount that Ivey won in London at the Crockfords Casino back in 2012.

The verdict was that Phil Ivey had indeed been cheating and he will therefore not receive any of his winnings.

Cheating with cards

Back in 2012, Phil Ivey went to the Crockfords Casino in London, where he sat down and played the baccarat variant: Punto Banco.

He exploited and utilised several illegal methods in order to cheat, such as paying notice to flaws in the playing cards - cards that Ivey had specifically requested the casino to use - if he was to play with them.

But the Crockfords Casino sensed that something was wrong and therefore refused to pay out Ivey's winnings of  12,200,000 dollars. Last weekend resulted in a verdict in favour of the casino leaving Ivey empty handed.

However, this does not appear to be the end of Ivey's problems, as a second casino, the Borgata in Atlantic City, has also accused Ivey of cheating at their premises, for no less than 9,600,000 dollars!



Posted at: 12. October 2014



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