Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular games in an online casino because of its fun, social atmosphere and the ease with which prizes are won.

Players will find everything they need on this page to get up to speed quickly and start winning at this classic game. It covers how to play online bingo, bingo tips and strategies, and the main types of online Bingo games.

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Traditional Bingo vs. Online Bingo

Although the basic gameplay remains the same, there are huge differences between traditional live bingo and modern online bingo. Here are just a few of them:

Comfort of Home

Online bingo can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Don’t want to get out of your pajamas? Not a problem. And there is no need to waste petrol or trade out to the bingo parlor.

Online Community

Because online bingo attracts players from all over the world, it actually expands the social aspect of the game. Our recommended rooms offer easy to use chat functionality that makes it easy for players to interact with one another both during and in-between games.

In addition, many rooms also encourage player interaction through special social promotions.

Play Anytime Anywhere

Live bingo players are beholden to the schedule fo their local bingo hall. In contrast, online bingo rooms run games and tournaments 24/7, 365, giving players the possibility to be in action whenever they want.

All the bingo games at our recommended rooms are available on mobile, so the action is available even while sitting on a bus or waiting in a queue.

A Huge Number Of Bingo Variations

Online bingo gives players the freedom to choose from a wide selection of game variants. The most popular are 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball, but many others exist including Blackout, 4-Corner, and Combination bingo.

How To Play Bingo Online

Bingo is a beloved gambling game precisely because it is so easy to play.

Before a tournament or match begins, players must purchase bingo cards. These have rows and columns filled with numbers. Only one card is needed, but the chances a player will win increases with the number of cards they play.

The game unfolds with numbers being randomly selected. If the number appears on any of a player’s cards, it will be ‘marked.’

To win, a player needs to get a certain pattern of ‘marks’ on a card. The type of pattern will vary depending on the variant being played. The most common are Single Line, Two Line, Full House (all spaces), and Big X (crossing single diagonal lines).

Bingo Tips & Strategies

Although bingo gameplay is a random number draw, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any strategy. Below are just a few things to keep in mind that will increase a player’s chances of winning:

The number of players

The most important factor to winning at bingo is game selection. The more opponents in a match or tournament, the more chances there are for a winning combination will be hit before the player’s. Look for games with as few entrants as possible.

Play multiple cards

Every card played represents extra chances to win the race to a winning combination. Players that purchase several of them before the start of the game have the highest probability of success.

Take advantage of promotional offers & large prize pools

Not all online bingo rooms are created equal. Hunt around for those offering free cash giveaways and huge prize pools. Growing a bankroll is easiest via promotional giveaways or a single, epic tournament win.

Play Bingo For Free

There are many free bingo games available for players looking to get a feel for the game and improve a bit before playing for real money.

Many of these can be accessed quickly and easy via flash player. Here is one that we find mimics the real money experience well, and will help players to improve quickly:

Play Bingo For Real Money

The only way to truly experience the thrills and excitement of bingo is by playing it for real money. At its heart bingo is a gambling game, and players have won as much as £5.9m in just a single online bingo tournament.

To start playing just open account at any of our reputable online bingo rooms, make a real money deposit, purchase a few cards, and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Types Of Online Bingo Games

Numerous online bingo variants exist, but here are three of the most popular:

75-ball bingo

The most popular bingo variant. Played with 75 numbers on a 5×5 game board. Winning patterns vary by casino.

80-ball bingo

A variant played with 80 numbers, usually on a 4×4 game board. Winning patters vary by casino.

90-ball bingo

This variant is played with 90 numbers on a 3×9 board. Usually, prizes are won by the first player to make a Single Line, the first player to make a Double Line, and the first player to make a Full House.

Why You Should Try A Game Of Bingo

The simple rules, social atmosphere, and huge prizes on offer make bingo one of the most popular gambling games in the world.

But there is only one way to truly experience the fun of bingo, and that’s to play. To get started, try a game at the [Casino] in the banner below.