A Guide To Mobile Casinos

With mobile device use coming into the mainstream, online casinos have upped the ante when it comes to making portable versions of their games. Today, it’s possible to enjoy the same thrills and excitement of a desktop casino on a phone or tablet.

Players who find themselves on a long bus journey or stuck in a queue somewhere will never need to worry about filling down time again. Just turn on a preferred Android, iOS, or Windows phone and fire up a favorite online casino game.

It really is that easy to banish boredom from your life for good when you open at account at any of our recommended mobile casino providers. And there’s always the possibility those few moments waiting around in the queue will now be the catalyst for a huge jackpot score that changes your life forever.

How We Rate Our Mobile Casinos

We thoroughly review all the most popular mobile casinos and only pass on the best ones to our players. The process is rigorous and it’s not easy to make the cut.

Here are just a few of the things we take into consideration:

Number & Range Of Games

All of the most popular casino games must be present. From popular progressive slots to virtual table games and live dealer games, a mobile casino that doesn’t have everything a player might want isn’t a true casino in our eyes.

Portability of Casino to Handset

Accessing a mobile casino should be effortless. At the same time, its software must be powerful enough to retain the look and feel of a desktop version. There must be an effortless download or in-browser option leading to a perfect gameplay experience.

Ease Of Opening An Account & Depositing

Convenience is the name of the game. A mobile casino should offer intuitive controls and a flawless UX design that makes it easy to open an account and deposit or withdraw winnings.

Apps Vs. Browser Based Casinos

Online casinos can be accessed either via a mobile internet application or within a compatible browser.

Internet applications are bookmarks stored on the mobile device that offer one touch access to the casino. Important to note is that unlike native applications, internet applications do not store large files on a device. They are a bookmark that makes it quick and simple to log in to an account and start playing.

Browser based access requires a player to enter the casino URL into the browser every time they want to play. This takes additional time, but does not store anything at all on the device.

Both methods have their positives and negatives, and every player can determine what method works best for them.

Mobile Casino Games

The types of casino games available on mobile is identical to desktop. Today’s technology allows slots and progressives, virtual games, and live dealer games to be offered on phones and tablets.

While there is no drop-off in visual and audio quality, it’s impossible to escape the effect of smaller screens on gameplay. In general, we recommend that mobile players frequent slots and progressives. The fact that these games most resemble other types of mobile games means they offer the best gameplay experience possible.

System Requirements To Play Mobile Casino Games

Online casino games can be accessed from nearly any modern iOS, Android, and Windows compatible phone tablet or smartphone. However, any device that can run a modern web browser can be used.

The only restriction to keep in mind is the graphics and processing power requirements for a good gaming experience. A device’s operating system, processing power, and RAM all must be compatible with modern standards.

In general, any device purchased within the last 2-3 years will be powerful enough to play today’s online casino games. Devices older than that may harm playability or make it completely impossible.

Players that are unsure about their device’s capabilities should check the system requirements for the specific game and online casino they want to play.

Downloading Mobile Casinos

Getting mobile casino internet applications is easy for iOS and Android users. Just go to the App Store or Google Play store, find the online casino app, and download it.

Alternatively, some online casinos offer options such as QR code scanning or SMS download options. These save the hassle of finding the app in a store or on the web by redirecting directly to the download page.

Finally, nearly all online casinos offer browser based access without any download required. Simply enter the URL of a casino just like would be done for any other website.

The Best Mobile Casinos

In conclusion, our recommended mobile casinos deliver the same game selection and immersive gameplay of the desktop version to your phone or tablet.

No matter what device you are using, you can get quick and easy access either via internet application or web browser. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to any of them right now and banish boredom forever.