Online Casino Security Guide

Security and fairness are the two most important thing about any online casino. Unfortunately, there are many fake online casino operators that take advantage of those who do not do their homework first. No player should ever deposit money onto a site they aren’t entirely sure is honest and trustworthy.

Are Online Casinos A Shady business?

No. One the whole, the vast, vast majority of online casinos are legitimate, regulated businesses no different than a licensed and regulated land-based casino.

But the unfortunate reality is that there are a small minority of nefarious people that attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting players. The best defense against these unscrupulous actors is information.

Always inform yourself about any online casino before depositing. Details about reputable sites are easy to find; if it’s hard or impossible to find information about a site you are considering depositing at, it’s a good sign that you shouldn’t.

Which Casinos Can I Entrust With My Money & Personal Information?

As the old adage goes — where there is smoke, there is liable to be fire. Legitimate online casinos go to great lengths advertising themselves to the public. In contrast, those who are up to no good will try to keep a low profile so as not to come to the attention of the legitimate online casino industry — which will immediately out them and get them shut down.

Therefore, if a casino contacts you in a personal manner that is not publicly visible, it’s a red flag. Avoid casinos that send unsolicited emails or text messages. If a room contacts you with a ‘great deal’ that isn’t available to the rest of public, it’s a red flag. Never trust a room for which you cannot verify the licensing and regulation credentials (more on that below).

All of these things are smoke indicating the fire of a scam site.

And of course, Casinoportalen has extensive experience verifying online casino’s bona fides. We never recommend an online casino without doing an exhaustive check beforehand.

Casino Licenses & Regulation

Just like their brick and mortar counterparts, a legitimate online casino cannot operate with out proper licensing and registration.

There are many different jurisdictions around the world that license online casinos to operate. One of the most respected and utilized is The Malta Gaming authority (MGA), which operates out of the nation of Malta and does not hand out its certification with an extensive security and fairness review. Ongoing checks to verify continuing compliance are also necessary.

Another organization with a strong reputation for verifying legitimate online casinos is the London, UK based eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA). This organization is widely considered the most stringent non-state affiliated verifier of online casino compliance and audits.

These are just two of the most poplar examples. The British Isles alone many other licensing and regulatory bodies including the Alderney Gambling Control board, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Players should always do their due diligence to ensure the licensing and regulation credentials claimed by any online casino they plan to deposit on are legitimate and have teeth behind them.

Online Casino Security

Unscrupulous online casinos that steal players’ deposits are not the only concern when playing at an online casino. There are also computer security concerns related to hacking, malware, and other viruses. Players should only play at online casinos that keep their connections secure and use proper procedures to keep their personal information secure.

Sites should always use one of the three accepted secure methods of connection: SSL/TLS/HTTPS. Any online casino not using a secure protocol is not providing a secure connection, and by extension, leaves players’ computers, devices, and information vulnerable to malfeasance. If connecting via a web browser, check the address bar; if connecting via a mobile app, contact the online casino and verify that industry standard protections are in place.

Secure connections are irrelevant if an online casino shares players’ personal details with third parties. Always verify there is a privacy policy in force. Legitimate operators make their money by running a casino — not by selling data on the black market. If spam mail starts flooding your inbox shortly after signing up for an online casino, immediately withdraw your funds and stop playing there.

How To Recognize a Rogue Casino?

Rogue online casino sites generally exhibit one or more of the telltale signs below. There is no perfect way to detect a rogue site, but in this case, discretion is definitely the better part of valor.

A Casino Takes Long To Payout

Legitimate online casinos payout in accordance with a transparent, industry standard payment schedule. If it is taking weeks or months to process a withdrawal request, it’s a sign something is not right.

Misleading or Changing Terms & Conditions

Scam online casinos will try to legitimize their behavior by changing up their TOC. All casinos will make occasional tweaks, but sites that do a major rewrite (especially without informing players) are usually looking to cover something up. Be sure to check the TOC page occasionally for changes.

Little Information Online

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Legitimate sites spend tons of time trying to get their brand and reputation out into the community. If you go looking for information about an online casino and can’t find anything, it’s a good indicator the site is hiding itself to avoid scrutiny.

Final Online Casino Security Tips

A closing thought on online casino security is this: use common sense measures to protect yourself. Even low hanging fruit like having strong anti-virus software and not accessing accounts via non-secure public wi-fi are important — if often overlooked — security measures.

The vast majority of online casinos are legitimate, regulated gambling rooms that operate no different than land-based casinos. Players that take a little bit of time to ensure they are only depositing with these legitimate rooms have a world of safe and secure gambling thrills awaiting them online.