Online Slots

Slots are every British’s best chance for winning a life changing sum of money in an instant.

No other online casino game is as well-adapted to the digital format as online slots. Gameplay is lightening fast. Visually, slots capture the imagination with rich graphics and colors unrivaled by any modern video game. Mobile versions are perfect adaptations, and capture all of the gaming excitement and thrilling gambling action of their desktop counterparts. Boredom on a bus or in the queue is a thing of the past.

British’s especially keep a special place in their heart for the slots. An institution in and of themselves in pubs across the nation, slots games are synonymous with big excitement and good times.

Opening an account at any of our recommended online slots casinos below unleashes that fun and offers it anytime, anywhere:

Online Slots Software

Slots are made for the modern gamer. Spinning the reels of any slot developed by professionals brings visually engrossing gameplay unrivaled by any other gaming experience. Add soaring symphonic scores and eclectic beeps and buzzes to the mix, and today’s slots become a uniquely rich and immersive experience.

Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt are the biggest developers of online slots in the world. All of our recommended online casinos will get the majority of their slots titles, if not their entire slots libraries, from amongst their collective ranks.

These are the people responsible for huge progressive jackpot titles like Mega Moolah, pop culture crossovers like Planet of the Apes, and comic book adaptations like The Avengers. Each developer creates with its own unique flair and emphasis. Microgaming focuses on big action and cinematic adaptations; Playtech brings films and other media to the silver reels; NetEnt favors lighthearted visuals reminiscent of breezy cartoon fun.

To get a sense of what today’s online slots are capable of, all of these developers offer free play versions of their titles that can be played for practice without real money. Give any of them a try without risking anything in order to decide which is your favorite.

Online Slot Gameplay

Slots gameplay involves a game board of three or more ‘reels’ with various symbols on them that spin for a short period of time before stopping at random. Players are paid out when the halted reels align the symbols in one or more predesignated winning sequences.

However, that doesn’t mean all online slots play the same. Slots come in a variety of formats so players can choose which type is best for them. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common payout schemes.

3 Reel Online Slots

The original slots format, these games are identified by their namesake and beloved for the simplicity of its gameplay. 3 spinning reels decide the fortune of every player, sometimes on a single payline. True, other formats may offer more action, but nothing offers slots excitement and nostalgia like the classic.

5 Reel Online Slots

Striking a balance between complexity and action, 5 reel slots offer up to 20 paylines. This format is preferred by players who want a little more gamble in their lives, but want to retain a sense of the reeled slots of yesteryear.

243 Ways To Win Slots

The modern slot machine. A three row, five column, behemoth of gambling action. Optimized for modern technology and full of visual splendor, these slots offer insane action by paying out across all possible winning combinations — 243 of them, to be exact.

Video Themed Slots

Today’s online slots developers create the games designed to immerse players in fantastic worlds of fun and adventure.  Many of these are pulled straight from the small and silver screens and ported over to the silver reels.

Popular movie themed slots include the stunning visuals of Jurassic Park, the dystopian world of Planet of the Apes, and the uplifting excitement of Marvel’s The Avengers.

Popular television themed slots come from mega-hits like HBO’s Game of Thrones, beloved gameshows like Deal or No Deal, and thrilling dramas such as CSI.

Players are often left in awe of how faithfully these cinematic and video themed slots are reproduced in a slot machine. But with modern developers at the helm of production, these games get more incredible and immersive every day.

Playing Slots On Demo Mode

So many different online slots exist that even seasoned players can find it difficult to decide which one to play. Demo mode slots are exact replicas of their real money counter parts. All the online slots offered at our recommended online casinos have free to play versions players can use to give them a spin (pun intended) before committing any cash.

If you are new online slots player and feel a bit overwhelmed by all the variety and action, free slots are also the perfect option. Learn the rules, get a feel for gameplay, and practice strategies before risking anything.

Top 5 Slots Tips

The house edge in slots varies depending on the type of slot. Professional slots players will also use specific techniques to hit big jackpots and increase their overall edge. Below are the top 5 ways to maximize the potential returns:

Have Accounts Multiple Casinos

Slots machines run hot and cold. If one online casino isn’t paying out, get out of there and go play at a different one.

Play the Progressives

The biggest paydays come from the progressive slots. If a jackpot hasn’t been hit in a while, it’s a good time to play. Not only is the reward huge, but a big hit is probably imminent.

Maximize Time

The more spins per hour, the more chances to win. Find slots that offer faster gameplay even if it means they aren’t as complex visually.

Open Multiple Games

There’s no rule restricting players to a single game at a time. If two big progressive jackpots are available, don’t choose — play both.

Always Bet the Max

It takes money to win money, and big wagers mean big payouts. Always bet the max amount — it’s the only way to win the huge jackpots worth life changing money.

The Best Online Slots

Slot machines are the most pure form of gambling offered in an online casino. Today’s technology also makes them the most visually stunning and fun to play. Enjoy them from a desktop at home or the office, or take them anywhere with faithful mobile adaptations.

All of our recommended slots casinos open up a world of action and possibilities. Open up an account right now and get in action with the modern take on this classic game.