Progressive Slots

Massive jackpots are the reason progressive slots are so popular. No other online casino game offers the opportunity to win so much money so quickly. When the progressive reels are spinning, life changing money can come at any time. Any instant can be the winning one. One moment a player is an average person living an average life; the next moment they are a millionaire. It has happened countless times. It will happen countless more.

How do progressive slots work? Huge progressive jackpots accumulate by pooling the action from a network of casinos all across the internet. Unlike a traditional slot which is self-contained, progressives build over time across all the casinos offering the game. Sums quickly skyrocket, fueled by the exponential effect of offering a single pool of money across so many machines.

But despite the gigantic prize pools, progressive slots are easy to play. Gameplay is the same as any traditional slot machine. Players place a bet and spin the reels. If the symbols in the right order, their life is never the same again. That’s it.

Top Casinos For Playing Progressive Slots

Playing at the best online casinos is essential to having the best chance at hitting a progressive jackpot. You can open an account at any of our recommended rooms right now and get in on the action.

Or, if you are still looking for a bit more information on the perfect place to play, here are two rooms you won’t want to miss out on:

Spin Palace Progressive Slots

When it comes to progressive slots, an online casino with the word “spin” in the name definitely means business. A full selection of the most popular progressive games is here, including Mega Moolah.

 Casumo Progressive Slots

Casumo specializes in NetEnt branded online progressives, including Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, and Hall of Gods.

Here is the full list of all the casinos we recommend for playing progressive slots:

What Are The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Believe it or not, three main software developers are responsible for the vast majority of the most popular progressive jackpots. Each one has a unique visual style, but all of them provide big action. Below we look at each one and their most popular titles:


Widely considered one of the best online casino developers in the world. Microgaming is behind the most popular progressive jackpot on the internet — Mega Moolah. Since launching in 2009, this incredible slot has paid out as much as £13.2m for a single spin.


Not to be outdone, NetEnt progressive jackpot titles include its signature Mega Fortune which has paid out seven-figure sums several dozen times since it’s 2013 launch.


Creator of popular progressive jackpots like Gladiator Jackpot, Playtech’s standout games are based around Marvel’s popular The Avengers cinematic universe that bring hero’s like The Hulk and Iron Man to life.

Bottom line, there are tons of progressive jackpots out there for players to take advantage of. With regular payouts of £1m or more, there’s no reason to waste any time opening an account at any of our recommended online casinos right now. Or, for a more in-depth look to help find the right one, see our detailed game reviews for titles like Mega Moolah, Major Millions, and King Cashalot.

Tips For Progressive Slots

Knowing how to maximize progressive jackpot play is a critical part of hitting a big score. Here are our top 3 tips for hitting progressive jackpots:

Look for a jackpot that’s about to burst

Hitting a huge progressive jackpot means playing where the sums are largest. Always look for a jackpot that’s well above the seed amount and ready to payout. Don’t make the mistake of playing one title because it has a big payout. Remember it’s not about a big payout — it’s about the biggest payout offered at any given time.

Play on a game you like

Progressive jackpots require betting the max consistently until the big spin hits. A critical part of that is being willing to play long enough for that big moment to arrive. You won’t have the staying power necessary on a game you don’t like. Stick to titles you find exciting to play.

Do not play on automatic pilot — monitor your progress

Feeding money into a machine that isn’t paying out isn’t doing yourself any favors. Keep close track of your play in order to gauge how it’s going. If you notice a machine is cold, head over to a different one. You can always come back later when it’s paying out.

Mobile Progressive Slots

Stories abound of players winning life changing amounts of money on their cellphone or tablet while sitting on a city bus, waiting in a queue, or even just walking their dogs around the block.

All our recommended online casinos offer progressive slots that are fully mobile compatible. Quick and easy access via web app or in-browser play is available on devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or any other modern operating system.

Here are our top picks of the best mobile progressive slots:

Progressive Slots How-To

The rules of progressive slot gameplay could not be any simpler — place a bet and spin the reels. They work by assigning payouts to the different configurations of symbols that are possible across the reels.

Specific areas across which winning symbol combinations can be formed are known as ‘paylines’. Various progressives treat paylines differently, so always check the game’s pay table for specific information about what combinations pay what.

Progressives also offer bonus rounds that are triggered by a specific symbol (known as a ‘scatter’) or combination of ‘scatter’ and regular symbols. These features offer ‘games within a game’ that multiply payline winnings.

To make the most increase payline multipliers, players should always make ‘max bets’. A max bet wagers the maximum number of coins possible across all available paylines. 

How To Win Big At Online Progressive Slots?

Online progressives offer the opportunity to win life changing money in an instant. Their popularity stems from the excitement that comes from never knowing if the next spin will trigger a huge windfall you’ll never forget.

To get in on the action, visit any of our recommended slots casinos right now and be one step closer to changing your life forever.