Video Poker

Video poker’s extreme popularity comes from its unique combination of fast paced play, classic poker game thrills, and one of the lowest house edges of any online casino game.

Unlike traditional live dealer poker variants, the mechanized gameplay makes it possible to play nearly 1,000 hards in a single hour. That’s nearly 16 hands per minute, or more than one hand every four seconds! Action like that can’t be matched by any other card game variant.

And house edges are so thin in video poker as to be practically non-existent. Following proper strategy gives the player an advantage that isn’t possible anywhere else. No other game offers up so many stories of long-term winners.

Our recommended video poker casinos below carry on that tradition. Every moment that goes by without being in action at one of their machines is money lost. So sign up for an account with any of them right now and get started.

Rules of Video Poker

Many different variants of video poker exist, but all of them follow the same basic rules. Players try to make the strongest possible five card hand. The rules for how certain cards can be used when determining the strength of a hand can change based on the variant. The payouts for each will vary as well.

However, hand strengths in all versions of the game are determined by the strength of the player’s hand when a round ends.

Video Poker Hand Ranks

Here is a breakdown of universal poker 5 card hand ranks.

One Pair — Two cards with the same number or picture

Two Pair — Two single pairs

Three of a Kind — The same number or picture appears three time

Straight — 5 cards in order like 9,10,J,Q,K

Flush — All cards the same suit

Full House — Three of a kind and a pair

Four of a Kind — Four of the same number or picture cards

Straight Flush — Five cards in a row and the same suit like 5,6,7,8,9 of Diamonds

Royal Flush — The picture cards of the same suit like 10,J,Q,K,A of Spades

How To Play Video Poker

Video poker is a draw game. Players are dealt cards and then must choose which ones to ‘hold’ and which ones to exchange. Players are then dealt new cards to replace those they decided to exchange.

Depending on the variant, the process of exchanging cards may or may not repeat several times. When no more exchanges are possible, the player is left with their final hand.

Odds In Video Poker

Knowing video poker odds is extremely important to reducing the house edge. Below is a breakdown of the most important concepts to know.

Video Poker Final Hands Odds

Big hands and progressive jackpots are the most important component of a winning strategy. These big payouts only occur when specific final hands are made.

Here are the basic video poker final hands odds:

Straight Odds — 1:80

Flush Odds — 1:85

Full House Odds — 1:90

Four of a Kind Odds — 1:423

Straight Flush Odds — 1:9,150

Royal Flush Odds — 1:40,000

Dealt Royal Flush Odds — 1:650,000

Video Poker Odds Of Improving a Hand

A starting hand is almost never strong enough to warrant not exchanging a single card. Understanding how likely a hand is to improve is another critical aspect to edge play.

Here are the odds of improving a hand in video poker:

Odds one pair improves to two pair — 1:6

Odds three of a kind improves to a full house — 1:16

Odds there of a kind improves to four of a kind — 1:24

Odds of getting the last card to complete a straight — 1:6

Odds of getting the last card to complete a flush — 1:5

Odds of getting the last card to complete a straight flush — 1:24

Odds of getting the last card to complete a royal flush — 1:47

Variations Of Video Poker

There are dozens of video poker variations. However, the most popular ones are those with progressive jackpots that are known to payout prizes as high as six-figures.

Our recommended video poker rooms will offer many of the following progressive jackpot versions of the game:

  • Jacks or Better Video Poker
  • Tens or Better Video Poker
  • Aces and Eights Video Poker
  • Jokers Wild Video Poker
  • Deuces and Joker Video Poker
  • Deuces Wild Video Poker
  • Double Bonus Video Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Video Poker

Video Poker Strategy

Video poker offers players the chance to maximize a player’s return by holding and discarding hands according to proper strategy.

The different rules and payouts of each game means the proper strategy changes for each variant. Below, we look at four of the most common games and give examples of what a player should do.

Jacks or Better Strategy

If a player’s starting hand strength is not a pair of Jacks or better, the hand is void. The player does not win or lose any money.

Deuces Wild Strategy

In this game, all deuces act as ‘wild,’ meaning they can be transformed into whatever card will make the strongest hand.

Double Bonus Strategy

Offers a jackpot bonus for a final hand consisting of all four aces and a kicker.

Joker Wild Strategy

A joker is added to the standard deck of 52 cards. It acts as a ‘wild’ that can be transformed into whatever card will make the strongest hand.

How To Play Video Poker And Make Money

No game at an online casino spreads the action as quickly and with as low a house edge as video poker. All of our recommended video poker casinos have players having fun and winning consistently every day.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our recommended casinos rights and get in on the unique thrills of Video Poker right now.